Collector's Special -1/1 NFTs

For every release I will hire artists to create my album covers.

I will mint the concept art derived from the communication back and forth with the artists as 1/1 CNFTs.

These will be airdropped to random minters of my Singles and EPs at any given time going forward,

and be announced on my official Twitter after they've been airdropped.

The "Collector's Special" is a verified collection on See link below

"The Race Concept"


Designed by @ArtKapilla

"Epoch Clean"


Designed by @IamAlexparker1

"Pavia Concept"


Made by @AteljeNft

I thought this deserved a description! @AteljeNft approached me and offered to do an art cover for free. I showed him the "NAPT" cover and told him he could do whatever he wanted, with the Pavia metaverse as inspiration. This is the what he told me when it was finished:

"My inspiration when I created it was a birth of a new civilization. The monoliths symbolize Pavia's founding pillars and the people are the ones who will create the new world together on Cardano's blockchain"

"JumpingPortals Sketch"


Made by @ArtKapilla

"JumpingPortals Clean"


Made by @ArtKapilla



Designed by Mimom

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